Sadie Clayton – SS17

Sadie Clayton showed her latest collection during LFW SS17 and once again her signature style stood out from the crowd. There is an edge to what Sadie does but softened by tones, cut and shape, it’s like a couture apocalypse but with a side order of fun and joy. This season is no exception, the jackets still make me want to grab a custom bike and ride off into the sunset while the dresses make me want to dance til dawn at a party at the edge of the world.

The deep dark blues, a stalwart of this season, create a balance and structure to build off, the coppers, it wouldn’t be Sadie Clayton without copper, add a deep earthy richness and the lines zip, twist and twirl away from the conventions of pattern cutting, drawing the eye around without ever telling it what it should be seeing.

Sadie continues to carve her own niche, the gender fluidity and experimentation of her collections elevate and accentuate the sense of individuality she brings to design. The sense of theatre remains captured but in the most wonderfully wearable way. Each look is a show stopper imbued with presence and long may it continue. For me Sadie is one of the true creative & challenging forces in this industry, that she has now done it season after season speaks volumes of the quality of her work and Ethos.

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