Fashion Week Tips


As it’s fashion week I thought I’d share a few bits of advice for anyone doing it for the first time.

Take flat shoes – Seriously, have the glam footwear ready to slip on but when running between shows you need comfort.

Spare change – Almost every toilet in London will cost you, so take plenty of coins for getting caught short.

Take flat shoes – I’m not joking.

Snacks & Drinks – keep one of both in the bag, and top them up from gift bags.

Be prepared to queue – LFW is hours of waiting filled with minutes of fashion.

Take notes – You’ll see so much you will forget things.

Remember to enjoy it -Don’t forget to enjoy the amazing designers you’ll see.

You will miss things – Don’t stress about times, things run late, you will sadly not make some.

Think about gift bags – That bottle of shampoo might seem great at 10am, but do you really want to carry it all day?

Don’t push a famous editor in a puddle – Not that I’ve ever done that, no, it was him over there.

Get a portable battery charger – You WILL need it

Dogs – Turns out international models get stroppy when you give their dog a belly rub when they thought you wanted a picture.

Well that should help you, enjoy the week.


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Fashion & Life Online Magazine, Lover of Indy Labels & Retailers, You Spend A lot Of Time In Clothes, Love Them, . . . . Also I'm A Boy

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