Ring The Changes – Linnie McLarty & Catherine Marche


It’s not often you’ll find jewellery on these pages, but when you do, you can be sure therefore its someone special, well today it’s two special designers. One I’ve been meaning to feature for ages having see her work a while back, Linnie McLarty, and the other one I’ve just discovered recently Catherine March

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Linnie McLarty

There is a familiarity in the sculptural works Linnie Mclarty has created, while the shapes are unique and beautiful they have a sense of the found object about them. Like they were shapes waiting around us to be exposed and shown. While each piece is hand crafted from ethically sourced routes the shapes acquire a sense of belonging directly here with us.

There is a natural chic element to the forms that while highly decorative doesn’t feel contrived. The mismatched irregularity of the loops, twists and warps feels at one with the natural elements we see each and everyday, having captured those feelings, it’s hard  not to love the designs, each shifting shape and appearance as they move and shift in the wearing.

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Catherine Marche

Catherine Marche has created a playful yet refined collection, mixing elements from the Baroque alongside the abstract, colliding two ideas that would seem so separate yet appear so perfectly worked and matched in her hands. The collection boasts the big statement pieces, ones that make you sit up and take notice with their shapes and textures but taking the themes of intricate detail that carries through from the smaller pieces.

Many of the lines are irregular and opposed to the sharpness of the aforementioned details, curving, diverging, breaking the forms and shapes away from the expressions we are so familiar with. The collection like that of Linnie Mclarty one of uniqueness and brilliance that could’t be created without a vision further than most jewellers would dare.

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  1. I love your article, you so absolutely got what my jewellery is about, thank you ✨

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