Monday Is A Fun Day

As it’s Monday I thought I’d follow up the recent post on how to enjoy Monday with a little playlist based on Mondays just for you all

Happy Mondays – Step On

What can I say, Happy Mondays are what we all need and this is a classic from an amazing band.

Melanie Fiona – Monday Morning

Love the laid back vibe of this song that passed most people by, I was first played it by a Canadian friend.

Teagan & Sara – Monday, Monday, Monday

Damn your moodswings, says it all really, the duo just write beautiful songs.

Wilco – Monday

A foot stomping effort from the country boys, you’ll be tapping those toes in no time!!

The Bangles – Manic Monday

Because we couldn’t do this list without this 80’s classic could we?

Blue Monday – New Order

Because it’s quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever written.

Belle & Sebastian – Expectations

A song about Mondays as a kid in the 80’s (which I was) from quite possibly the greatest band Scotland has ever produced.

Dolly Parton – 9 to 5

Still Monday needs motivation, so over to the only woman that holds a candle to my beloved Madonna, Dolly will put some pep in that step, because she wrote the greatest song about work ever, even if it doesn’t involve Monday.

Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays

Of course I’ll never convince some of you so I guess you’ll always side with Sir Bob.

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