Electronic Sheep – Modernist & Amazing

Sometimes you see something and it just grabs the attention, holds it and then keeps adding to the sense of drama and intrigue. Electronic Sheep did that. I’m a huge Modernist fan and that may be part of the attraction for me, the construct of the patterns conjures the spirit of one of the great art movements and blends it into knitwear, another of my fave things.

Stunning, bright, ever changing as you move around them, the knitwear from this label is taking traditional techniques, high art, and creative futures and mixing them together. The skill required here is huge, it would be so easy to slip from the intelligent yet provocative designs into a mess, a squall of colour and print bashed together but the design duo from Ireland understand the visual element so perfectly it simply works perfectly. If you want to make a statement then Electronic Sheep are a label that will do that for you, we often talk about wow factor, making that head turning entrance, and with this collection you’ll stop a room.

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