Magpie Goose – Vancouver Fashion Week

Harry_Leonard_Magpie Goose_MG_8828

Sometimes you can’t go everywhere you want, so thank the internet for delivering events to a laptop. I like many people hadn’t really ever thought about Vancouver Fashion Week which runs shortly after the big one for most of us, London Fashion Week. But when listening to Fashcast on Hoxton Radio one Friday morning co-presenter Steff mentioned that she was flying over to cover it for the week.

Harry_Leonard_Magpie Goose_MG_8756

Well as someone who loves finding new designers I thought I’d have a look and dropped a line to former Industry Voice guest star Courtney Blackman to see what it was all about, over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you some of the designers that appeared in my Dropbox after the request and showcasing some of the amazing talent I found through it.

Harry_Leonard_Magpie Goose_MG_8840

I think I must put my hand up here and say I hadn’t thought I’d find much at the time, well I’ve learned my lesson and wow there are some amazingly talented people that showed. We’ll start with Magpie Goose.

Harry_Leonard_Magpie Goose_MG_8916

Magpie Goose does simple so well, limited colour palletes, nothing flashy and garish, what this label has is understated very wearable chic. I love a clean line, an effective shape and Magpie Goose deliver that over and over.

Kerp Photography_97A5380

I think it shows confidence from Hila Herman to produce a collection that really is this wearable rather than send down a runway items that could never see the light of day. This is a carefully constructed collection that can move from day to night with effortless grace. You almost want it to be a click to buy show. I should be less arrogant about the Canadian scene and over the next few weeks I hope to show you why.

VFW 2016-03-18 Photo by Dale Rollings- IMG_0149VFW 2016-03-18 Photo by Dale Rollings- IMG_0437VFW 2016-03-18 Photo by Dale Rollings- IMG_0586VFW 2016-03-18 Photo by Dale Rollings- IMG_0605VFW 2016-03-18 Photo by Dale Rollings- IMG_0634


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