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This week I have another Industry Voice  (Find the others here) for you, the superstar Naomi Isted, though it may be easier to tell you what she doesn’t do than does. Naomi is known as the Ultimate Lifestylist for her work as a fashion, beauty & lifestyle guru, so highly rated that she is i the top 100 social media influencers for LFW. You may also recognise her from her work as a presenter on TV, her blog, and her work as a columnist both here and abroad, she’s also a trained fashion journalist.

Oh and along with all of this, and her HUGE following she’s also recently swapped sides and designed a range with Brix & Bailey the FW Best Accessory nominated label. See I told you it was easier to say what she doesn’t do. It’s quite a coup to have such an excellent voice for you all this week.

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What did you want to be as a kid?

An Actress in Hollywood blockbusters and Madonna’s best friend . I was a real day-dreamer.

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What’s the best lesson you’ve learned?

Life can be short so love hard, work hard and follow your dreams even if you feel it’s way out of your reach. Things always come around in the most bizarre and unexpected ways.

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What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned?

Being a creative you’ll be skint for years while you are building your experience and work credentials (unless obviously you have a privileged background) but when you do start reaping the rewards you will know how hard the battle has been to get there.

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If you could give a young person one piece of personal, and one piece
of career advice what would it be?

Personally I would say try to travel the world and immerse yourself in other cultures before you settle down. Then career wise, educate your mind and gain as much experience as you can. Put in extra hours, don’t complain and show how dedicated you are, hard work pays off in the end.

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Who inspires you?

God this is quite a long list; hip hop stars from the 80/90’s, Madonna, Prince, Alexander McQueen, Isabella Blow.

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TV star, blogger, website owner, accessories designer, is there anything you don’t do?

I don’t do the washing and I can’t sing..

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Time management must be a big skill for you, whats the secret?

Haha I don’t have any time but yes your right juggling all the stuff I do a home and kids takes lots of planning so I always deal with things the second I can and plan in advance but I’m lucky I have a great hubby and mum who make life a lot easier.

You work with Kevin McBride, (who is super lovely) would he blush if he knew one of my followers had a huge crush on him?

No I’m sure he wouldn’t blush he will be more than happy to know he’s got an admirer.

_____     __________     _____

You trained in fashion journalism in 2014, one of the key things about this series is showing people you don’t have to only follow the college, uni, job route in life, you can do what you want, when you want. What prompted the return to education and what advice would you give to others about this?

I trained as a Journalist and in media production at college early 2000 but didn’t specialise in any specific areas. I let me career guide me and by 2014 I felt I wanted to have a refresher to keep my editorial skills up to scratch but also wanted to focus more specifically in my main love Fashion. I think education and life experience go hand in hand and ideally both are crucial for a successful career with longevity.

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You designed with Brix & Bailey for their latest collection. How did it feel to move from industry commentator to creator?

Honestly it felt amazing to have a different route to fuel my creativity. I wasn’t prepared for how much I would relish the design process however I feel so lucky to be working with such incredible and talented designers as Brix and Bailey and Wee just have an incredible synergy and creatively feed off each other. I love working with them.
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Kevin and I are huge Madonna fans (All Hail The Queen) but did you have big hair and lace gloves in the 80’s?

Of course I did even though I’d only just been born lol. I was born wearing pearls and lace gloves haha.

_____     __________     _____

As you’ve designed with Brix & Bailey you are included in their FW Best Independent Accessory Maker 2016 nomination but what award would you create and who would win?

The most knowledgable Fashion Expert award and it would have to go to Suzy Menkes or Hilary Alexander..

_____     __________     _____

What is the key to looking fabulous 24/7, help us all out here as you always look perfect?

Wow do I ? Thanks that’s a lovely comment as I’m normally flying around at 100 miles an hour out at 6am and home late. It’s all about time management I prep my outfits and bags in the evenings for the following day and have as many beauty treatments I can to make things faster, all credit goes to my hairdresser Inanch, my doctor Dr Shirin and my local salon 112.

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_____     __________     _____

What is the weirdest product you have been offered to try, mine was feminine incontinence pants, I’m neither I should point out to readers!!!!

Haha a bin, not sure how that applies to fashion or beauty?

_____     __________     _____

What change do you think fashion needs?

People ask me why I attend so many smaller shows over LFW because I choose to support the emerging designers and I want to see who the new faces in fashion in the future will be. I don’t worry about the big commercial shows and tend to miss quite a few in support of emerging designers why I think we need more of. The Fashion influencers and faces should be bringing more press to the talent of the future.

_____     __________     _____

Has social media created unrealistic expectations and images for the new generation to live up to? Is there unfair pressure to be perfect for Instagram etc?

Definitely when I see young girls posing and pouting on Instagram trying to be like the Kardashians showing as much skin as they can I just feel sad..

_____     __________     _____

I saw “luxury” paper towels advertised in the window of Poundland, how do you define luxury?

Luxury I think is all about how it makes you feel. If you feel amazing because the service is incredible or you feel more confident then that’s Luxury I suppose.

_____     __________     _____

Whats the strangest conversation you and Kevin have had in the car together, you recently told me it would make a good show!!!

 We were talking tit tape for the red carpet, no spillages here please lol..

_____     __________     _____

Can you help me make huge sunglasses a thing this summer, that trend needs to come back?

The trend never went honey if you want to wear big, wear big, I do. Make trends don’t just follow trends.

You can find Naomi On Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

And Ultimate Lifestylist on the Website, Twitter and Youtube


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