My Galavant by Tramp In Disguise Astrila collection


My Galavant is a label I’ve had an eye on for a while, I first saw the collection a while back in a showroom tour I was given. Then I met label owner/designer Sini Moilanen a couple of weeks ago and I knew I had to show you all what she’s been up to with the new collection.


The Astrila collection is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen, it sowed this wee, another hint that I need to show you the collection. Snowy landscapes and tracks in the snow are both represented in the prints of the collection.


Though while it may be based on a tale from the 1840’s about good and evil, this is a very modern collection that is all good. The simple elegance, finishing touches of print, a spritz of colour or a flash of more softening additions keep this collection both striking yet feminine.


Although the theme may be The Snow Queen, these are looks that’ll keep you looking hot all summer, pretty, sexy and sassy, they will make you look fabulous for all those rooftop bars and waltzs through the streets on light, hot nights here and anywhere you may fly off to.


Sini Moilanen is a designer to watch, and My Galavant is the label you’ll want to show off to friends, we all love having that designer we can show off to our friends and tell them they need to know, well here is the latest for you.

Photographer Robin Bharaj


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  1. This is such a wearable collection! I really love it ❤

    Gisforgingers xx

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