Industry Voices – Jemma From Dorkface

Today the industry voice is illustrator, creative and creator of the huge online community #girlgang. She’ll be sharing with us her advice, experience and of course an opinion on Mer-people.
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What did you want to be as a kid?
I aaaalllways wanted to be a writer – it was well known in my family! I was always writing stories and starting ‘novels’.
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What’s the best lesson you’ve learned?
That life is DAMN short.
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What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned?
You can’t 100% rely on anyone but yourself.
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If you could give a young person one piece of personal, and one piece of career advice what would it be?
My advice would apply to both personal and career to be honest! – be brave, take chances and always go for what you want.
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Who inspires you?
Illustrators/artists I admire, my boyfriend and my family.
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You created the #GirlGang, what has made you most proud about it?
Just seeing this community work together to spread a little joy, help each other, interact and really ‘join in’  -that’s the best part!
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Would mer-people be less popular if the top half was fish and the bottom half human? Definitely. Can you imagine how horrific that would be?!
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Which is the best gang, The Bloodhound Gang, Kool & The Gang, Sugar Hill Gang, or
Gang-nam style?
Bloodhound for all the LOLZ.
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How hard is it to be an illustrator, being a creative isn’t enough, you have to be able to sell the services you provide and run a business as well?
EXACTLY! It’s REALLY hard. You want to just concentrate on your art, but you also have to promote, connect with others and constantly have a plan. Also, nobody speaks about this; but it’s REALLY hard when someone asks you to do something you KNOW will look bad, but they’ve been specific about what they want, so you have to do it. The artist in me wants to scream’ Nooo!’ haha. But the customer is always right..
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Would you swap it all for a unicorn that shits free bath bombs?
NOPE, hahaha. Though tempting.
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I’m currently rethinking the artwork and logos for my site, as a designer what advice would you give to people about this, its a common thing to see people updating and renovating their websites?
I think the most important thing to ask is why you are changing it in the first place – because that’ll help define what you need your new piece to be. And don’t just think about something that looks visually good to you – will it also appeal to your audience? Does it represent your brand? Is it functional? Will the colour scheme/branding work with the rest of your site? There’s a lot to think about. I’d love my own blog header to be much more girly, big, colourful and busy. But I’ve learned that I can’t do that. Because it ends up annoying me or needing tweaks after a few weeks, whenever I change my blog colours or layout. So I’ve gone with something much simpler, cleaner, but also (hopefully) still represents what I’m about.
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You inspire a lot of people to blog and are the kinda homie all the little G’s wanna be like, if this continues to go so well will will you be spending all your life living in a girl gangsters paradise?
Oh wow you think so?! Haha. I always worry everyone hates me haha. I hope to keep going, sure. I just hope to always conquer to new projects and challenges, shake things up, and most of all – CREATE.
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  1. laurenjwilkinson

    Love this interview with Gemma, she’s fabulous.
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