LFW AW16 Day Three Reviewed

day 001

Day three dawned on LFW, and as ever the Sunday proves to be very busy, not just with shows but with media, promo teams, snappers, photographers and general hubbub as from here on in there is a bit of winding down and this is the last real day for many people.

There was a real buzz in the air, I saw the very lovely and charming Stefanie Jones out filming some spots and accidentally ended up on her show, I haven’t seen it, but I like fashion, I have a big bum, I could be the next Kardashians now I’ve got a taste for it. To be fair it was only when she tweeted me later that I knew so I’m still available to be the next Frost if any producers are reading.

day 002day 003

(Incidentally, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to see that, but I know I perhaps didn’t come across as erudite and verbose as I’d like)

But there were cameras everywhere shooting all sorts of things, it’s like being on one great creative set.

day 004day 005day 006day 007

But it’s also a social occasion, you meet friends, I spotted Maya Williams of FashionLollipop fame catching up with Nathan Rollison of The Rollison London, and of course, more pics!! (Yes I know I’m obviously taking pics as well, we all are, it is a lot of fun)

day 008day 009day 010

And of course the thing you all love the most, the Street Style.

ss 001ss 005ss 003ss 004ss 002ss 007ss 009ss 010

And someone you may recall from appearing on these pages during SS16 at Little Shilpa, the incredibly talented Jay Pinxie Turnbull.

ss 006


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