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I got an email from The Personal Barber offering to send me a shaving subscription box after my Zeo’s post where I’d mentioned my sensitive skin and how I had to be careful with products. It was for a traditional shaving kit, and with a hint of trepidation I said yes. The old fashioned nature of the razor scared me a bit.

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I don’t shave much, my facial hair grows at a slower pace so I needed a bit longer to give it a road test when it arrived. I am a convert. The box and packaging was beautifully done, perfect for yourself, or as a gift and was full of treats. There was the safety razor, a synthetic brush,(important not to be animal hair as I’m vegan) incredibly soft and with a stand to hold it, two sets of razorblades and two shaving products.

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The razor was so easy to assemble, and comes with a guide to how to use it which was handy as it was my first time. The two types of blade did have a different feel, though I must say they were both incredibly sharp and gave a stunningly good close cut. The safety razor itself feels good in the hand, it has a reassuring weight and feel.

The brush was soft, and using it to apply the shaving cream was a decadent and rich experience, it has the feel of a luxury shave, massaging as it goes. The whole thing comes together as a relaxing pamper instead of a run of the mill shave. As for the products, personally I wasn’t a fan of the scent of the shaving oil, but my friend has used it, loves it, and his girlfriend wants him to switch to it as she loves the deep smell of it. I did however LOVE the Tabac product. a deep foaming lather, a scent that while wonderful was also filled with nostalgia and brought back happy memories of my Grandfather.

But here the beauty of the box is show, with the subscription nature you’ll keep getting new things to try, and keep finding many things to love. I may not personally shave enough to warrant a box a month but I know as each set of products runs low I’ll order a new box. It’s my firm belief that the best review is the simple one, the would I spend my hard earned cash on it. Yes Yes YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS I would, without hesitation. I loved it, and my very sensitive skin is very glad I replied saying yeah I’ll give it a try.

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If you are a guy, go buy this, if you have a guy you love in life, a lover, a brother, a father, get them this, they will thank you. It is a quality, quirky product from a guy thats passionate about what he does, and FW will happily support anyone that hits these targets. The Personal Barber deserves a try.

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