Zanna van Dijk Q&A

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Sometimes you get lucky and catch a star just as they are catching fire and by the time the piece is complete they are a huge and well deserved star. Well today is that day, and that star is Zanna van Dijk. Just this weekend she was the cover star of a Sunday Times magazine to add to all the successes of late. Who better to get on for a chat about health, fitness, life and of course a shared love, Charli Cohen.

Which 3 exercises would you say should be in a quick work out?

If you only have a few minutes, get the intensity up with full body movements like burpees, squat and press and kettle bell swings.

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I saw you are currently making everyone on instagram hungry with #fedbyZanna, whats it all about?

Fed by Zanna was the menu I designed for Grill Market restaurant in Chelsea, London. It consisted of a juice, protein shake, salad and protein pancakes… and I have to say it was delicious!

Kilograms are sometimes hard to visualize for people, whats the biggest animal you think you could pick up?

Probably a large cow? Thats a total guess!

*I spoke with a farm owner I know, he said 700kg and over on his farm!!!

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10, 15, 20, or other, whats the best amount of reps for a set?

It totally depends on your goals… but for hypertrophy (i.e. muscle building) I usually stick to 8-12.

Was the inventor of the burpee very upset with mankind that day?

No! He knew how to make people get fitter and push themselves to new levels. He was a good lad.

zanna 2

You do personal training, you must see lots of people in the gym. What is the most common mistake you see?

Girls lifting 3kg dumbbells because they fear getting bulky. Lift heavy ladies, we haven’t got the systems in place to build huge amounts of muscle quickly! You will just get toned.

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Are protein shakes overused, and is it really annoying that people block water fountains when washing them out?

Protein shakes are useful if you’re short on time and I think they can definitely be used in a pinch. That being said, having multiple ones a day isn’t what I would recommend as whole food sources of protein are more preferable i.e. meat, eggs etc

What is the Zanna go to snack you love?

Greek yoghurt, fruit, nut butter.

Have you ever pretended to be Olivia Newton John in the Physical video? (Be Honest ;-p)

I havent! (Is it bad that I don’t even know what you are referencing…)

Do enough people listen to their body, or do you think theres to much focus on sticking to planned workouts? I’m with the Kenyan runners on this, the body knows what it can do.

I think that there is a fine balance. Planned workouts are great and using structure helps you to work towards your goals in a more efficient t and effective manner. However, people should definitely listen to their body too. If they feel tired, poorly etc then maybe give the workout a miss or take it gently.

Who is on your perfect playlist?

A lot of Drake, a bunch of Kanye… and a dash of Adele.

As a PT and fitness superstar what do you think the best way to start a fitness journey is?

In a structured and planned way. By looking ahead and setting down strategies to support your goals, like booking in classes or PT sessions or preparing meals… you’re increasing your chances of success!
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FW is a fashion website, how much of your wardrobe is gym kit, and what looks do you like out of the gym?
My wardrobe is honestly about 50% gym kit and 50% normal clothes. I have a chest of drawers full of gym kit as well as a shelf of hoody and a 6 tier shoe rack full of over 15 pairs of trainers…

When I am not in the gym, I stick to monochrome classic pieces.

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You model as well, I’ve recently seen you in the Charli Cohen (who is awesome) catwalk and the Sports Philosophy campaign. Does it feel a bit surreal to see fitness taking on the traditional fashion areas, and how does it feel to be a visible face of the new order of things?

I love seeing fitness become more fashionable, as its my everyday wear! I love being with a fitness modelling agency and seeing this whole new area develop. It is great to be a part of it!

Does anyone actually like kale smoothies?

Not me….

Have you considered your own fitness DVD, and is Jane Fonda the icon of the home fitness industry?

Nope and I doubt I will make one! I have considered books though…
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Huge Thanks to Zanna for taking part and playing along.
You can find and follow Zanna on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and her own site.

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