Danielle Yen – Interview With The Model


You may have spotted emerging model Danielle Yen in my LFW coverage. Well I thought it would be great to invite her on the site to talk about modelling and her journey to the catwalks.

Here is what she had to say  . . .

What is the casting process for modelling?

I’ve done casting for modelling and commercial. You need to own your portfolio. A casting director would ask for you individually or in a group. You need to show how you walk on the runway or show your talented about your poses and fit the measurement they are looking for. For commercial, you will need to perform with a script for different occasions.

Do you get nervous before a show?

Yes, I would be afraid of that I will fall or get trapped if the dress was super long.

Every model fears tripping up during a show, is the best thing to just get up and keep going as soon as possible?

Yes, Just keep going and show your big smile.


Did you have to learn a specific walk for the runway, or did you just have a natural one?

Yes, an Artistic Director would show you different routing and how to walk with another models. But you need to be confident when you are walking.

You have travelled a lot as a model, which countries do you think are the most stylish?

New York and Paris!


When not working, what is your personal style?

I hang out with friends & love dancing so I will go a studio to practice.

Who would you love to model for?

Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld.


The 1990’s were the era of the supermodel, who were the models you looked up to, and who is currently inspiring you?

Cara, Kate moss.

Some people would say getting your hair and make-up done regularly would be amazing, does it just feel like part of the job to you though?

Not really. It’s just life-style, you wanna be stylised and dressed up for a good mood.


What’s the strangest shoot you have done?

Arty-naked. The photographer was super strange. He asked me to cooperate for his new works but he wasn’t professional at all and I didn’t get any pics after that.

You also do some acting, is modelling like playing a role?

I think acting and modelling is quite different. For modelling, you can use your own personality in order to create your own iconic imagine. But acting, you need to be someone else.

You are signed to an agency, how did you get on their books?

Online application.


What made you choose London as a base for your career?

I got a working permit and moved to London. Wasn’t thinking too much.

What film would you love to have acted in?

Starwars, James Bond, and Star trek.

Find her her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook



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