Brix & Bailey

brix 1

I first saw Brix & Bailey at the Ethologie London show at LFW SS16 and well they were the perfect partner. Jasper Garvida has an eye for every detail. Stunning, that is simply what these bags are, no need for hyperbole or verbosity in describing them, they are visibly beautiful.

It’s the attention to detail of this sister and brother team is shown in the perfect shaping, immaculate colouring, and considered lines, I don’t often feature bags but you need to know this label.

brix 2.JPG

brix 3.JPG

brix 4

brix 5.JPG

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  1. I do love these bags! Such timeless shapes ❤

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. Those bags are sooo cute!! Looks like they would make a great camera bag or travel bag

  3. We do sell alot of our bags to camera lovers and for travel use xxx

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