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Sometimes you just fall in love with what a designer is doing, and lately that has been Charli Cohen. So I thought why not get her on the site as she represents many of the aspects of what the whole FW thing is about, uber talented emerging designers who smash it out of the park. Oh well that and questions that are utter nonsense, so here we go . . 


You recently wowed everyone that attended the LFW show, it’s such hard work to get ready for it, but describe to me how it feels when the lights spark, the music pumps, and you see the models start to walk?

A mix of terror and excitement, combined with relief that you’ve done everything you can do and should just sit back and enjoy the show.


There was a theme of superheroes, and you certainly delivered that sense with the models and looks, but what superpower would you pick?


Who would win out of Wolverine and Batman?

Batman. He’s Batman!

charli main

You used fitness bloggers including the fab Tashi Skervin and Zanna van Dijk, what made you go for industry commenters and professionals over straight models, personally I think it was a master stroke?

I like the idea of models as role models and these girls have all done their bit to help and inspire other women.

At the show I was sat with some of your family, what makes you more nervous, having them watch or the press/blogger/fashion crowd watching?

Oh very much the press/blogger/fashion crowd! My family will always say it was fabulous.

(By the way they were so lovely.)


I went to the show with Natasha from Dance, Flow, Lift, before the event we were discussing the increasing mix between fashion and fitness. Are there technical restrictions you have to work round to make the garments functional?

Definitely! One the areas we’ve really worked on is finding construction techniques that look like something you would see in ready to wear fashion but are super flat against the skin and highly durable. It costs us more but it does allow the garments to transition into daywear without ‘active’ giveaways like the flatlock seams you see on most activewear. It’s all in the little details. You’re also limited with what silhouettes work in the gym, which means getting much more creative with paneling and surface design to create something special and different.


You currently have pink hair, can we expect a new tone each season?

I think pink is the only shade that suits me!

Hamsters spend a lot of time running on a wheel, is hamster active wear the next great opportunity, and can we present it on Dragons Den together?

Never say never. I have genuinely considered pet wear.


Which sports do you do yourself?

Weights training and boxing.

The 2012 Olympic kits for Team GB were designed by Stella McCartney and won her the FW Best Designer award that year, would you want to have a crack at something that diverse?

Yes – that would be amazing!

Nobody can be healthy all the time, I know even Gwyneth Paltrow watches Netflix in scruffy clothes with ice-cream at times, what is the big Charli Cohen vice?

Sunday brunch. The sugary, gluten-y kind.


Why will nobody admit Kale is horrible?

You’re not making it right 😉

Are mountain climbers (for readers not aware of this, a type of exercise) the most evil and painful thing humanity has ever created, followed in second by Burpees?


*I want to point out this is the second fitness trainer that has confirmed this to me.

What’s a fitness tip everyone should know?

Get your posture professionally assessed. Not only can it really help with performance but correct posture prevents pain and injury.

Who would be the star in a Charli Cohen tv advert (Sorry Heidi Klum, I adore you but that ad is terrible)?

Gal Gadot.


I tried to persuade Team GB runner Eilish McColgan in a recent interview that Tunnocks Tea Cakes are good for carb loading, her no means I need a second opinion.

There is always a place for Tunnocks Tea Cakes.

If I learn to do a cartwheel, can I open the AW16 show?

It’s not out of the question.

Find Charli at her website, on twitter, on instagram and on facebook

pic credits, of Charli from her instagram, group shot from Chris Yates & Alan West, and editorial from Saskia Lawson

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