LFW – Anna Popovich

Jonathan Posner

Photo – Jonathan Posner

Something is stirring in fashion in the UK, the fast fashion warehouses may still hold the high ground but as I’ve often said our independent designers are on the march. The movement of the unique and crafted is growing. People are looking outside of the High Street more and more. With this in mind I always look forward to fashion week and the creative invites I’ll get, Step forward Anna Popovich.

anna 4

From her Grandmother teaching her to sew as a child to her studio in Hackney Wick, Anna has made the journey so many dream of, to become a designer. Her work was shown at an event in East London during LFW SS16. Her work shows that simple understanding of what garments should be is absolutely key (she has also worked as a fitting model) and that in simplicity is beauty.

anna 5

Each garment creates an understated chic, a simple beauty, and a form that radiates elegance. We often forget that elegance is the most sort after and hardest to grasp of the design concepts, but Anna Popovich truly understands it and creates it as a statement.

anna 6

Subtle palettes accentuate the garments, they create a colour scheme that bursts with a natural sense and yet against the urban landscapes they are created in-between stand out. Each block shade separates the garments from the background, leads the eye in and holds attention. Anna Popovich is certainly one to watch and one to shop.

anna 7 anna 8 anna 9


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