LFW – Clio Peppiatt


Sometimes you step out of a comfort zone and say why not. That is how I originally felt when the invite landed. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve got a usual style of designer that graces the web pages of this site. Well if the collection of Clio Peppiatt is anything to go by, say goodbye to the comfort zone.


The South London designer had a presentation during LFW to which I went along, I was blown away. Here we have someone who fully understands the use of the bold, the brave and the bang. If you want wow factor then this is the designer for you. It takes real skill to mix strong colours, bold prints, and large iconography and make it work.


Work doesn’t do it justice, Clio has created a creative assault on the fashion senses that is simply a kaleidoscope of the beautiful. You can’t just pass by these designs, to do so would be missing so much, each look reveals another detail, a note you may have missed, by making it seem so simple yet having such complexity it all comes together as a visual tour de force.


Cosmic landscapes, cats, print and pattern, to try to describe what is going on is impossible, and in there lies part of the beauty, the unique creations stand alone in the landscape. They scream individuality, sense of self, and of course, fun and confidence. It’s a yes from Team FW

cp4 cp6 cp7 cp8 cp9


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  1. marjan می‌گه:chera linki vase sabtenam vojod nadare? hata shoma nagoftid ta key mohlat darim vase sabtenam..aslan linki nist ke ma sabtenam konim..polam ri#&#im&k8230;ht8230;…..

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