LFW – Ethologie By Jasper Garvida

JG SS16 0

During LFW AW15 I saw the Jasper Garvida collection and fell in love, and on the back of that it was clear who would win the FW Award For Best Independent Designer. So I think you can guess that I was pretty excited to head to Essie the beautiful Persian Carpet shop in Piccadilly, to see what he’s been up to in the last six months. That excitement was also heightened when I managed to grab an interview with Jasper just before LFW.

What can I say, I feel that I’m fully vindicated by the choice of award winner, Jasper Garvida just keeps on getting better.

JG SS16 1

Everything was utterly perfect, the lady next to me repeatedly gasped with each new model, and the people behind me had what became a mantra, “I want that one as well”. Using great prints, with the trademark sense of lightness and playful form that I see as a hallmark of Ethologie each piece has its own personality. Each carries that sense of good times and fun that are the signature of Jasper.

JG SS16 2

There had been a lot of focus on the FW site towards this walk, and I’m glad it happened. When spring and summer rolls round, from fab nights out dancing til dawn through chic garden parties, to floaty relaxing days on beach holidays all you need is a link to the Ethologie website. Garvida has two seasons of style covered in this collection.

JG SS16 3

I should take a moment here to mention the perfection of the complete looks, no design reaches its peak without the perfect accessories, and the choice of the stunning, beautiful bags that while birthed in a modern ethos, have a nod to history from Brix & Bailey (soon to receive a full FW review as they are double awesome), and the pop of the Alice Menter jewellery (another coming review) completed the looks. It is a testament to Jasper that his perfection stretches so far, in fact from my seat I could get a great view of him giving final instructions and doing final tweaks.

JG SS16 4

With another fashion week to go, I think I can safely say right now Jasper Garvida remains a strong contender to become the first person to retain the FW Best Independent Designer title he won in June. He better start checking hire prices on tuxedos for our awards picnic, and if he wants to drop by there will always be a spot reserved on the VIP blanket for a man I still see as one of the most chic and creative designers plying their trade in this country.

JG SS16 5 JG SS16 6 JG SS16 7 JG SS16 71 JG SS16 72 JG SS16 73 JG SS16 74 JG SS16 75 JG SS16 76 JG SS16 77 JG SS16 79 JG SS16 80

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