LFW – Charli Cohen

Sportswear, you almost never feature that you may say. Well sometimes I do, but when I do it has to be very special. STep forward Charli Cohen. I was sat outside the show with Natasha from DanceFlowLift and the point I made still stands for me, fashion and fitness have never been closer. We have moved into an age where we want to extend our wardrobe into the gym, the run, or the swim. Not content with technical tee’s we want products that make us look as good as we feel. Charlie Cohen has taken out a giant hammer and nailed that concept so firmly you could hang a picture on it.


The Superhero theme fits perfectly, just one look at them and you’ll feel like you could leap buildings, Ron Hill’s knitted string vest never made me think that (google it). Stylish cuts, perfect tailoring, and a great pallet, that green, well I can’t say how much I loved it, stunning and with a whole bag full of “pop” as it’s often referred to.

Charli Cohen has already started to take on the tired old labels of the sports world. This is a designer that I’ll be following with interest and support for a long time, I can just tell.

Quick note, loved how she’d used real fitness bloggers as well, I recognised quite a few, ladies you rocked.

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