LFW Day 3 – A Look At The Day


So On to day 3, and it started on a beautiful warm sunny morning with and meeting a famous London resident, Hazel The Hawk .

day 3 1

For those of us that were up and at them early the streets of Soho were deserted apart from the odd fashion lover and photographers using the stillness to use London as their studio,

Day 3 2 Day 3 3

I was over in Golden Square waiting to join Sunglass Hut for David Koma, (see the review post) to kick start my day. I watched a show on the big screen along with a few others before heading to Brewer St itself for the walk,

day 3 4day 3 5

The quiet couldn’t last long though, more than ever the streets of this dense, tight streets part of London exploded with noise sound and traffic, everyone wanting to get in and see the beautiful things, well at least through a phone screen anyway.

Day 3 5.1 day 3 5.2

And of course the clothes, the thing about Soho is it’s not just the fashionistas that love fashion, the residents and tourists to the heart of Soho also add to the tapestry going on. I’ve picked a range of the huge variety going on yesterday from High St day out to uber chic. Soho was the place to look good on a sunny sunday.

Day 3 6 Day 3 7 Day 3 8 day 3 91 day 3 92 day 3 93 day 3 95 day 4 94


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