LFW SS16 – Little Shilpa

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Lets start with a story, you know I love to tell a story. At A/W15 I was dashing from one event to another, in the curse that is show timing at Fashion Week and I’d decided not to go to Little Shilpa as I’d already agreed to go to something else. I knew it was the wrong choice, I went past an open door and stole a glance at the world of Little Shilpa. As I sat through the show I’d picked, which never made it on to the site I vowed given the chance I wouldn’t miss it ever again, fast forward 6 months here

ls 2

When I saw Little Shilpa was showing at SS16 I knew I was going to be there, and they were kind enough to let me come along, two other offers were turned down because this I knew would be one of the highlights of the week, and boy have I not been let down.

ls 3

Ok stick with me here, the presentation was both a see the product mixed with interactive theatre, we were part of the set, and playing in the scene. We were having afternoon tea with the models. However the models would just get up and move around acting out the tea party scenario. It was like the Mad Hatters Tea Party set to a fantastic beat. I was hooked.

LS 4

The pieces were once again exceptional, from “oh I wish I was a girl, I’d wear that to Ascot/Weddings/Down The Shops”  to out there sculptures that are a study in how creativity, art, fashion and a theme can collide and create something perfect, something magical, something that 8 hours later as I write this still has me bubbling, fizzing and bursting with thoughts, and joy.

ls 5

I’m aware I’m unconditionally fan boying, but I did adore this. That might seem odd for someone that could market his own brand of cynicism, but every so often in this industry you come across a designer and it just clicks. That’s what drives us on, that’s why we keep coming back each day, week, and year.

ls 6

Lets put aside the incredible theatricality and showmanship for a second, let us just look at the pieces in a stand alone vacuum. They still stand up, they still inspire, they still make you think “I want to wear that”. They also make you think about how to style them, and how that styling has the pieces as the centre rather than the clothes.

ls 7

It was a pleasure, a joy, and an honour to see such a talented mind set free. Can we do this again soon please?

ls 8 ls 9 ls 92 ls91

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