LFW Event – Ariella Couture On Oxford Street

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A while back I wrote about how Ariella Couture was leading a return of the high end fashion houses back to the High St, well it’s been a common theme in many of the conversations I’ve been having with designers and labels lately. However that wasn’t enough for them to just sell via the High Street, nope, and today they took Fashion Week to House Of Fraser On Oxford Street.

People were already stopping and looking when the window display changed from mannequins to real life models, but there was a crowd when the models came out on the red carpet right there in the street.

ac 3

Fashion needs accessibility, and while I was there seeing the event and taking a few pick I frequently heard people talking excitedly about how there was a show, how they’d always wanted to see a walk, and of course the click of cameras and mobiles. If you want to create a buzz amongst potential customers this is the perfect way to do it. I thought people would like it, but eavesdropping on conversations it really caught peoples imaginations. Well do to Ariella for putting this on, even if it did bring part of Oxford Street to a standstill ;-p.


Of course that was nothing compared to the sea of flashes, clicks and gasps when Sam Faiers came out, I’m now partially deaf in one ear from the squeal of the young girl stood next to me. But that is Ariella, they make great clothes, and today for many people just out for a Saturday shop they made memories, who knows maybe one of those hands on a phone will feel it could be their designs one day, lets hope so.



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