LFW SS16 – Ong-Oaj Pairam, Brief Review

Ong 99

We’ll be revisiting with proper reviews all the designers covered this week that you need to know about, but rather than keep you waiting there is the live blog daily and also our pocket sized reviews.

Today I saw Ong-Oaj Pairam, a designer I love. Once again I could do a very simple review, beautiful, movement, drama.

Ong 7

Simply put Ong-Oaj Pairam has absolutely nailed it this season. The tailoring perfect, the colours vivid, strong, and evoking that spirit of spring you look for in a collection. The floating movement creates a sense of lightness in the garments, making them flow and swirl in a way that leaves the wearing not just arriving but actually making an entrance. It’s no wonder he remains one of my must-see invites of the season.

Ong 6

A quick side note, many people think that the fashion industry is elite, snobbish, and elective, I can honestly say the people I deal with are rarely like that. Ong-Oaj especially has a team that are utterly lovely and warm. Nothing appears to much trouble, I made a twitter joke about getting an #Ongtourage t-shirt, within seconds I was told I could have one, and the chap who sorted it was a fine example of someone who is passionate about the label they work for as well as warm and friendly, and it’s time we stood up and said this is how our industry is, and how it should be. (Just needed to make that point.)

Ong 1 Ong 2 Ong 3 Ong 4 Ong 5 Ong 9

The full show is here, reproduced thanks to the design team.


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  1. J’ai des frissons, les bords de papier kraft, ça coupe… Je crois avoir vu une allusion à cette chapr©gÃorhie dans le volume rouge III de Fresh Theory, que je vais relire mieux.

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