An Interview With Jasper Garvida


I’ve been a fan of Jasper Garvida for many years, but up until this year had never managed to get to one of his shows for various reasons, including being taken out by a suitcase in Waterloo Station last year. Well this February I finally got there and the collection blew me away so much I knew up high in the Radio Bar I’d found the winner of this years FW Best Independent Designer Award 2015.

A designer that mixes fun with an incredible design talent, well I had to interview him.

You had phenomenal success when you started out, selling the whole collection to one person, being featured in ID as a future star and the collection was reviewed in many national papers, as amazing as that was did it make you feel pressured for the next few collections?

Yes, you always feel pressured when working in the fashion industry.  There is heavy pressure to always top the last collection when working to extremely tight deadlines. I consistently work to better my work and myself in every collection that I do. This carries with it an immense amount of pressure.

When I think of the designs you have I always think fun and playful. There’s a sense of joy about them, is that something you strive to add or does it come from putting a little bit of yourself into them?

There is always element of myself in every design that I do. This is mostly evident in the Ethologie Women collection. I think about the Ethologie women first – my role is to provide her needs through my design.

Creating pieces can be an all-consuming passion, something that becomes total immersion prior to big shows. In the post-show period, obviously once you’ve had a good sleep to make up for all those late nights with the needles and scissors how do you like to relax and take some time out?

My idea of relaxation is sitting in front of the TV with plenty of food. I love to watch films in comfort!


We are approaching the start of the academic year, having been through the University system what advice would you give to my readers who are about to embark on the next stage of their fashion journey?

Fashion is a very difficult industry. It requires commitment, hard work and stability. You must have an absolute thirst for knowledge and extremely creative thoughts. My advice would be that if you think that you cannot survive, perhaps re-think your fashion career. It isn’t all about the glamour; it’s tough but incredibly exciting.

You spent some time at Alexander McQueen (My fashion hero and the inspiration to start my site) what did you take away from the experience?

He is all of our fashion heroes! He certainly helped me realise that the world of fashion can be a lonely one. He taught me that the long hours, sleepless nights and puffy eyes would all be worth the amazing rewards!

I was at the February show in the Radio Bar, that sense of fun was really shown when all of the models started taking selfies, how come you didn’t join in, I wanted to be in a JG selfie?

(Laughs) Simply because I didn’t have my phone with me! Perhaps when I see you next time* we’ll take one.

*I’ll be at the show next weekend, and dropping by the showroom, we can make this happen!!!

Speaking of shows, you have had events at The British Museum and The Natural History Museum, where if money and permits were no issue would you love to stage a walk?

The moon because no one has ever done it before!  I officially want my collection to be out of this world!


Is winning the FW Best Independent Designer award for the last collection the greatest accolade in fashion? (Thanks for the video, it made my day)

It was a great honour.  I am extremely appreciative of the award and equally as humbled by it. For me, nominations and awards are a deserved pat on the back. I am just doing the job that I love and I am flattered that it is inspiring others.  However, I believe I have a long way to go before I feel like the Best Independent Designer – I am just Jasper.

It’s my birthday in a few days (well at the time of writing) what makes a great gift?

An Ethologie Jumper of course!! It’s on its way!

It would be an honour to wear a Jasper Garvida piece.

From my readers,

How do you stay looking so young?

Smiling – always smile it keeps you looking radiant.

Who did you get the sunglasses from at #LFW in Feb?

Vow London – they are a great design brand!

What’s hardest about designing for men and women at the same time?

I find designing for men and women equally as enjoyable!

Given the pressure of shows, what is the top tip for staying calm you have?

Silence is very calming. Keeping myself hydrated also keeps me cool and collected. Vita Coco water is my favourite drink!

How do you pick show music?

The music is chosen based on our shoe wear collection. For this season, our shoes are from Alberto Adonai. They are flat shoes and so we have picked music with a slower pace.


So there you go, thank you to Jasper for taking the time to talk to me and give such great responses. Make sure you check out the website, and have a good browse of the goodies on offer. See you next week Jasper, I’m as excited as a puppy who had coffee in his water bowl!!!

And of course we need a look at some more of why Jasper woN Best Independent Designer at The FW Awards . . .


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