Sports Philosophy – Where Clothes Meet Sport Meet Social Care


I saw Sports Philosophy on twitter, and thought I’d take a look. I’m interested in fitness, well obsessed with cycling,running and some boxing training so it seemed a good place to have a peek. Well what can I say, I love them now for a couple of reasons. Which will all become clear, lets start with reason one. I love the looks. I want functional understated wear when I work out. I’m not one for flashy neon, giant slogans or gaudy adornment. For the person who likes a simple style that still looks good, these garments are real box tickers.


Subtle block colours are accented by touches of print, and I love the simple artwork on the leggings, which is a reflective material, handy now the nights are drawing in. It has all the tech stuff you want, compression fabrics, wicking material etc, and that will help make the work out actually work. I subsequently found out a friend has some and what’s better than a first person approval unrelated to the label? I will be buying.


They also offer a range of both free and paid activities, from HIIT workouts via running clubs to Talks & events. I’m going to be checking these out. I follow brand ambassador Tashi Skervin on twitter and she’s doing a running club on my birthday.(also the 4th birthday of FashionWorked)

Secondly they do good, pledging a donation target of £1 million pound to make the world better as well as supporting research and activities directly stopping child labour. Sponsoring academics and people on the ground they have a fund that covers costs of the activities people bring to them.


Think about that, not only do you get to work out looking good, but they things you wear to do it will help end the exploitation of children. “We strongly believe that every business has a responsibility towards societies it affects.” This is exactly the type of independent business we here at FW want to feature. We often talk about the need for the clothes industry to do better, Sports Philosophy are being the change we want to see.



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