Sophie Cameron-Davies


Sometimes fashion needs to be nothing more than beautiful, delicate, and feminine, and today that is what I’ll be focusing on. Step forward Sophie Cameron-Davis a rising star in the design of all these things. Mixing the beautiful silk fabrics at her disposal with delicate lace, woven into patterns that remind me of the lace makers I saw in Venice on a day trip on holiday as a small boy. I love lace, it plays a part in the awakening of my love of this thing we call fashion.


Some people will over use lace, they’ll throw it on things in the hope it makes something look elegant just by being there.Here we have someone who understands the relationship it should have with a garment. not a centimetre more than is required, that it should enhance, captivate and capture something.


The shirts made by the label are striking, modern and offer a dressed feminine approach that can translate from many occasions into each other. They fit into the modern world in a way that all great tailoring should, however they also contain a nod to that great era of design, sandwiched between the Belle Epoch and the modern age. They have a nod to the female designers that stepped away from the courtesan and moved women to the centre and the every day wear that would set the tone for the future we now enjoy.


Mixing elegance with a confident sensuality, these are designed with making the wearing feel amazing, bringing instead couture style for any outfit. Sophie Cameron-Davies is the latest designer I think you should watch out for.



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