Greek News, Greek Fashion News . .

Greece is an emerging market for European fashion, and we have the lovely Kay from Kays Secrets as our eager beaver on the ground. This is the latest of her postcards from Athens.

I know,given the current situation in Greece, it might look odd talking about fashion. But the fashion industry is a very important factor for a country’s economy and now it has become obvious in Greece too!
I was very happy to attend the 3 day event of Fashion Expo this year and I have to say things get better by the year!
Many new brands attended this time and quite a few known too. This was an amazing opportunity for retailers and the press to meet with designers and understand their vision,socialize and find collaboration opportunities.
Clothes were well tailored,modern and classic and everybody enjoyed the event!

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  1. These clothes look really great! I’d never of thought to look to Greece for fashion inspiration ❤

    Gisforgingers xx

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