I got a small taste of what its like to be a woman online


“Think selfies are just a person doing what other people do,

how about we stop attacking people for not being what you want”

This is how it started, a tweet about the bullshit a woman was getting online for taking a selfie outside of a polling station. Karen Danczuk is a former Councillor and the wife of an MP, and as it turns out the lightening rod for a lot of being told what to do.

After that tweet and another saying that actually people involved with politics using selfies and social media probably understood the changing world more, the avalanche started. a cavalcade of men, and yes it was all men suddenly started tweeting me insults, condemnations and a threat. Well it turns out they have an issue with the way she dresses, the type of selfie, it’s a bit “Kardashian” but it is 2015 and that is the world we live in, and that they will have no qualms in telling you what scum you are for saying anything remotely supportive about a woman doing what she wants online.

Over the course of the next couple of hours I was trolled over and over, oddly called a troll by someone I’d never heard of who messaged me, and told that stalking someones timeline looking for people to abuse wasn’t trolling. I was told I’d mentioned Hitler, I hadn’t, I was told I was supporting sluts, that women should learn how to behave, that she should cover up.

It was clear from the abuse and tweets that actually all this hate was based on her, her looks, and that she’s in her own words “the queen of selfies” almost nothing was said of her life away from social media. Her politics and life were mentioned just once. Now her and her husband are well known for controversial and outspoken beliefs that go against the party line, but nope, it was all about her body.

And it did something they won’t like, it further convinced me that we must continue to fight on for equality. That few hours of tiresome bullshit was tragic, pointless and sad. To thing that so many women have to deal with this crap every day is a reason to lionise my beliefs that we must do more, it’s the adding of steel to my unshakeable belief in gender equality.

So well done trolls you actually got me to fight harder for a better future. It’s very clear that men think it’s still ok to tell a woman she should be quiet and cover up, and that they can try and force others into line on their opinion. Well chaps last night you ran into the brick wall, and when asked why you were spending your life searching for people to attack, when clicking unfollow would solve your problem, none of you answered, literally none, and most of you scuttled back to the rock you keep your out dated under.


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