Best Independent Labels – Sumarie


It is finally here, that odd-looking orange orb in the sky we vaguely recall from September has returned. It is finally Spring and that means almost Summer, and that means holidays and swimwear. Well we see these things early. Remember how a month ago we spotted a label for you that Taylor Swift wore a few weeks later on a magazine front cover, well here is our next choice that you really must know about, Sumarie.


If you want to look like a superstar on the sea front this year this is the label for you. The garments are beautiful, thoughtful and fun. Great use of both pattern, block colour and monochrome define the chic look that the label is rapidly becoming known for. We are sure that this is going to be one of our fave beach/resort labels of the year.


The beauty is by paring back from the excessive, understated to make the impact, no clichés, no gimmicks, just good beautiful style. There isn’t a beach on the globe that won’t seem a bit more glam with this collection gracing the sand.


When you think of classic swimwear you think about good fit, sharp lines and accentuating the feminine, Sumarie have mastered hot and sexy without falling into the trap so many do. This is a designer who has confidence enough to go for a look and make it work.


One of the joys of seeing so many designers over Fashion Week (102 was the count from walks, showrooms and events) that we get to select a handful of the very best, and this is exactly that, we have only picked one beach/resort/swimwear designer so far this year so it tells you how highly we regard the collection, we hope you like it as much.

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