Best Independent Labels – Beautiful Soul

AW15-16 Campaign 01


So there I was, on my way to a show during London Fashion Week, I waltzed into the crowded lobby of Me London and there was a beautifully dressed team, looking fabulous in a great set of dresses. When they stand out more than the ridiculous level of dressing that goes on during “the week” you know you are looking at something special.

Look 01 Midori TBlouse & Kiko Shorts

As we were ushered along to the lifts up to the walk we passed the booth of Beautiful Soul, who had designed those fabulous garments. I have to say I was an instant convert. I’ll confess up until that moment I wasn’t aware of the label, but for me this is a true reason I love my fashion week that’s focused on new and independent designers who are outside of Somerset House. If only I’d know about them earlier I would surely have been preaching to you.

Look 02 Chika Dress Print

I like labels that show an understanding of the history of the industry while taking those ideas and lessons and turning them into their own collections and ranges of beautiful garments. That being said it is often a difficult tightrope to walk, balancing history and appreciation against the modern and new creativity that we also need in the industry, it would be easy to slip into pastiche, but Beautiful Soul stays firmly in stunning.

Look 05 Midori Dress Print

The florals are a refreshing take on something the UK has always been brilliant at, floral print. The prints on offer in the latest collection evoke a sense of the first half of the twentieth century when floral was the undisputed Queen of prints, but using new techniques and ideas has been brought right up to date and gives a sense of the timeless to the garments.

Look 12 Rika Midi Skirt & Ami Shirt & Oka Jacket

The collection is also mixed with block coloured items, lights and darks independent or mixed together to lighten and refresh. With hints back to the Belle Epoch in the designs and tailoring, here we have a designer with an eye for shape, form and cut. Having seen the team rushing around in them on more than one occasion during the week I can also tell you they move and glide as you would hope, with an elegance befitting of the overall looks.

Look 13 Chika Dress Print

This was one of my fave find of the week and a label I’ll be watching a lot more from now on. Having shown the images to a few people connected with FW I can firmly say that I’m not the only one that has fallen in love.

Look 16 Midori Dress British Wool Look 17 Mi Playsuit Print Look 23 Takara Dress British Lace Look 26 Mai Short Dress & Chika Dress

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  1. These are gorgeous, I love the dress with the black collar.

  2. I love these floral prints – so refreshingly different ❤ Gisforgingers xx

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