Q & Eats With Girls On The Ground, Annie, Charlotte & Zoe


Some times things get out of hand in a good way, and the daunting becomes the delightful. I had originally approached Zoe from Face to be a guest on Q & Eats and by the day our appointment had arrived the ranks had swelled to include Charlotte from The Good Owl, and Annie from Epiphannie. I’d managed to score a lunch out with half of the Yahoo Girls On The Ground Team, and its the most fun you can have on a Sunday. This is possibly the best trio since Run-DMC, though as we didn’t get into any rap battles set over hip-hop beats I can’t tell you about their ability to spit lyrics like The D.

They had been out shooting and making posts  around the Oxford Street area so it worked out well for a trip to Honest Burger . . .

Zoe (@facevalueblog) has hers over at FaceValueBeautyBlog.co.uk

Charolotte (@thegoodowl) has hers over at TheGoodOwl.co.uk

Annie (@epiphannie) has hers over at Epiphannie.co.uk

About the food, well I must say sometimes you wonder if a place can live up to the comments on it. We met at Honest Burger just behind Oxford Street and I’d so many good things and read the reviews, so it seemed like a great place to take the girls and give it a try.


I had the Veggie Fritter while the girls went for beef adding various cheeses. Mine was crunchy, tasty and had a nice hint of spice. A great cucumber yoghurt was perfect to add another flavour and dimension. The girls all loved their burgers and given the clean plates I think that they passed the critical test.


A good mention for the chips. Now chips are a way to judge a place, some will give you fries calling them chips, they are not. Honest Burger serves proper chips, chips the way they should be, fat, crisp on the outside, and fluffy inside. I’ve since started using the idea of rosemary salt at home, to quote Peter Kay “It’s a taste SENSATION”


If you fancy burgers in Central London, this is my recommendation, I’ve been back since and can say for certain the quality is consistent.

Anyway, the burgers had had their grilling, time to grill the girls.


Fave Designer 

A – Jeremy Scott

C – Maison Margiela

Z – Victoria Beckham

Neoprene, Neo Right, or Neo Wrong 

A – Wrong

C – Wrong

Z – Right

Heels or Flats 

A – Heels (see if you can spot a pattern between them here)

C – Heels

Z – Heels

Dress to impress or casual 

A – Impress

C – Casual

Z – Casual

Print Or Plain

A – Print

C – Plain

Z – Plain

Best Thing you bought

A – H&M High Boots

C – Moxhim Necklace

Z – Fake YSL ring from Spitalfields

Can a t-shirt save the world

A – Yes

C – No

Z – No

One idea to change the world

A – Awareness of the world, branch out of your world

C – More focus on education

Z – Tolerance

Saying you live by

A – It could be worse

C – Weeping angel for a night, joy comes in the morning

Z – What Comes Around, Goes Around

Whats your best beauty tip

A – Whiten your teeth once a year

C – Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week (so thats why women insist on having it in te fridge)

Z – Curl your eyelashes with your hand (this was explained, I remain baffled like my dog at a glass door)

Which beauty product everyone loves do you think is crap

A – Any cargo products

C – Maybelline Colour Tone Eye Shadow

Z – Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour

Celeb Ranges – Brilliant or Bobbins

A – Beauty no, clothes yes

C – Bobbins

Z – Bobbins

Who are you wanting to see at LFW

A – Each Other (Spot the pattern again)

C – Each Other

Z – Each Other

How can I combat dry skin

A – Oils (or this pattern, its the Hive mind at work ;-p)

C – Oils

Z – Oils or a barrier

What is the best thing about being involved with Yahoo

A – It helps to get things sorted


Z – Feels like I have more opportunities

Can I have your LFW spares (I did see Annie & Zoe for tea)

A – Yes

C – Yes

Z – Yes


For Annie Only

Many beauty implements look like torture, are they


There is an election in May, would T-Shirt Cannons encourage voting


Which is the worst tube line

Central (Annie is wrong, it is CLEARLY the District Line)

As a #GirlsOTD star are Fedoras on men a sign of impending douche


Tell us your worst beauty secret

Going to sleep in my make up

Have you ever worn an outfit so bad you have regretted it before you even closed the front door

Oooooooh Yes (I should note all three girls agreed they had )


For Charlotte Only

You do baking on your blog, it looks amazing, will you make me a vegan cake

 For your awards I will

Current Trends in home décor

 Stag heads, monochrome, and picture frames with quotes in

Do you do your own decorating


You recently went to Madame Tussards, who would you add to the collection

 Zoe & a gherkin

You are on your blog wearing a denim jacket occasionally, Double Denim yes or no


Triple Denim

 If done correctly

Where should I do the next Q&Eats

The Diner


For Zoe Only

Whats this about your love of deep fried gherkins

 I love pickles, Meat Market Had them

What is the secret of youtubing

 Don’t ask me, (but she then added) A good editing program, and you don’t have to say everything in one go

Over Christmas you appeared to be the dinner party queen, best tip

 Pay someone to do it or be/know a good chef

Your bio on your blog says you like bad movies, which is your fave

 Dude where’s my car

Whats the best personal finance thing everyone should know

 Save i a saving accounnt

Will you be official youtuber for this years FW Awards Event

 Yes (I’m holding you to this)

Why have you never done a Guyliner vid, because it’s a terrible thing for men to do?

Mainly because I don’t know any guy that would


Mayo or Ketchup

A – Mayo

C – Ketchup

Z – Ketchup

Song that always gets you dancing

A – Uptown Funk

C – Electric Slide

Z – Uptown Funk

Should scrappy doo be tasered

A – Yes

C – No

Z – Yes

Best breakfast

A – I don’t eat brekkie

C – Protein Pancakes

Z – McDonalds Sausage & Egg McMuffin with a Hash Brown

Fave muppet

A – Animal

C – None (Charlotte then said she is terrified of them so we swiftly moved on)

Z – Kermit The Frog

Who would be your celeb parents

A – Michelle Obama & Will Smith

C – Al Pacino & Paloma Faith

Z – J-Crew Woman (I think that it’s Jenna Lyons?)  & Martin from Money Saver

Fave poem

A -Cat In The Hat

C – Doesn’t have one

Z – Green Eggs And Ham

Mayor for  a day what do you do

A – Wednesday will always be a Bank Holiday (Vote Annie in 2016)

C – Free Transport

Z – Happy Hour 5-7pm (Zoe is a maths whizz, but that is actually Happy TWO hours)

What book should FW followers read

A – Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

C – Mindfulness by Gill Hasson

Z – Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

One piece of advice for the reader

A – If you don’t lie what I’ve said, there is the door

C – Don’t take things at face value (She doesn’t mean Zoe ;-p)

Z – Take everything I’ve said with a pinch of salt.


Thank you ladies, you were fabulous.

About Ross Pollard

Since starting writing on my 31st birthday in 2011 I have held a number of positions at magazines and websites as well as regularly producing articles for numerous publications alongside contributing to TV & radio shows as a freelance fashion journalist including Hoxton Radio & Fashion One TV. Alongside writing, I have worked in other industries helping to design & grow digital platforms, develop businesses and support operations practices. This experience has proved invaluable in building an understanding of how businesses work, and the landscape in which retail, B2B commerce and other commercial operations develop. Knowledge of commercial interests has helped shape my fashion industry insights beyond critiquing of garments


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah! What a great day – so good to finally meet you 🙂

    Love Zoe x

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