LFW – Oh The Things I Heard . . .


We all love the shows, the fashion, and the clothes, but also we have a sneaky love of a diva, people being awful, and doing or saying terrible things. Well LFW15 was a beautiful occasion for all of this.

Hats off to the PR’s and teams that have to put up with this crap and still be polite and smiling . .

1 – “I’m a photographer I should be Front Row” Then was offered the chance to go in the press section “I need to sit down”.

2 – “I don’t like any of these flavours why haven’t you got the one I like, what’s the point of this” To a guy handing out free coconut water outside Somerset House.

3 – “Can I get Front Row, I’m a Blogger” after being told no, then clicked her fingers over the PR’s shoulder at her boss to make the same demand, can you guess what the answer was?

4 – “Why is it running late, do you know how busy I am” this is a fave of mine, if any show started on time the very concept of time would be broken and rip the world apart.

5 – “Well if I don’t get a decent goodie bag I won’t write about them, it’s a rule I have” overheard outside a show.

6 – “I was up partying all night” then fell asleep in the show, snoring while the models walked.

7 – “They should have a bus from the station” For those who have never been, there is a tube station almost under the venue.

8 – “What do you mean I’m not on the list, you should know who I am, let me in or you will get fired”

9 – “You should take my pic, I have the best outfit here”

10 – “Darling, I don’t queue” They were on the 4th row of seats, I’m about as famous as someone who never existed and they were a row behind me.

I love bad behaviour, it justifies mine as I can say “well at least I’m not that bad.” However the one thing I heard most was at the end of Day 1, and it was “I’m not wearing bloody heels tomorrow”

Roll on September.


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  1. hahaha all of these comments are hilariously outrageous! Gisforgingers xx

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