Best Independent Labels – Ethologie


Today it is another designer I have no idea why I haven’t had a feature on yet as I’ve often talked about the label, and how he is one of the finest designers in British fashion

Jasper Garvida is not just a designer, he is an artist. Each collection while retaining the need to be wearable is a unique piece of art that is sent down the catwalk. Stunning yet practical, Garvida has that magic touch that allows a woman to make a statement yet have a functioning wardrobe. Taking his ideas and excelling with them is what this label is all about.

I’m not alone here, the list of magazines and media that have shown the garments is a who’s who of this industry.

The Ethologie shows are ones that I always look for now a LFW.

*Thank you to the team for letting me use the images ff the site so that you can see these incredible looks in their full glory.

JG1 JG2 JG3 JG4 JG5 JG6 JG8 JG9 JG99

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  1. I’ve never heard of this designer (I am not very up on fashion) but the clothes are so beautiful, love the little bit of structure to them.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

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