Best Independent Labels – Ong-Oaj Pairam

Last year at LFW there were a couple of designers I was really excited to see, but an idiot with a suitcase smashed me off my feet at Waterloo and well, that was my LFW gone as I couldn’t move my knee for a week.

On that list of really wanted to see, and still on my list if I get an invite again is Ong-Oaj Pairam.

His work is stunning, whittling down the selection from his catwalk was near impossible, everything is beautiful. The prints and colours so bold, but in a way that works, the cutting, the lines, beautiful, and boy can he do draping.

A mix of Womens & Mens, this collection was a highlight of all I saw in 2014. Having worked in New York with Proenza Schouler & Roland Mouret in London setting his own label up in 2012 was clearly the right idea. We here at FW Towers predict a future as bright as his garments for the Brighton resident.

Anyway enough of the fan-boying, heres the edit of the last show.



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  1. These pieces are so wearable! Really like this collection 🙂 Gisforgingers xx

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