Best Independent Labels – Katie Darlington

KD 1

Back on a cold, wet, windswept night just before Christmas I headed off to West London in a light snow as I had an invite to an event at an event. I’ll admit I was a bit grumpy, I was having a poke around and the I got to smile. One of the labels on show, yes I adore showcases, was Katie Darlington.

Hailing from Wales, and completing Uni not far from me this is a label that is going places. With a collection of outstanding chic items, the platform is set for it to explode in the luxury market.

KD 2

As for indie credentials, well here is a designer that has embraced crowd funding, and is using it to support her dreams. I love this idea, for to long support from designers has laid away from their talent, and in the hands of financiers. Well Katie Darlington is being very innovative in funding her next collection, and you can find more details here.

KD 3

Back to the clothes, classic lines, used to create stunning garments entwined with understated print. The current range is one that will empower the wearer, one that breeds confidence just by looking at it. It creates the best thing in fashion, an entrance. These are statement pieces that will turn heads.

Having discussed the items available with the collection of people who I share ideas and thoughts with the response was the same every time, we want to see more. I really hope Katie hits her funding target, because this is one runway show I WANT TO BE AT.


All pics from Georgia Shane – Freelance Photographer

KD 4

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