Best Independent Labels – Hellen van Rees


Some times you come across a label and that love just grows every time you come across them. Hellen van Rees ticks that box. Here is a designer that understands the space they want to be in, and owns it completely.


Being able to mix shape, line, form, and texture, blended with modernity and sophisticated use of colour, this is a designer and label that stands out from a lot of the trend following nature of the industry, its a label that is happy to set the agenda.


Using all those features and ideas, the collections have a sophistication mixed with a youthful sense of identity and fun, a balance that is very hard to strike, but is the requirement of any collection.


We have watched from a far and seen Hellen Van Rees collections in person a few times at events, it was more than a long enough period to see this is sustained excellence, and we really should have doe this feature a long time before.

AW14-look05 AW14-look06 AW14-look07 AW14-look11 AW14-look13

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