2014 In Review

Well 2014, see ya later you beauty, it was an emotional rollercoaster of selfies, jelly shoes, and actual good things asx well. Reviews are alright when one person does them, but when you get a wide selection of the fashion and blogging world to join in they become better than unicorns giving away free cake. So have a read, what did the people who we loved in 2014 say was best for them? . . .

*as ever all thoughts and submissions are exactly as sent, I don’t alter guest content thats the FW promise

Helen – Blogger At Pierre Le Chat

When I was 10, which happened sometime in the 90s, I managed to get my grubby little paws on an ear cuff that required no pain or piercing to wear it. My ear had never looked cooler.

My fashion highlight this year is the return of the no-long-term-commitment-necessary body jewellery. The thought of getting my septum pierced makes me feel funny, but the awesomely elegant fake rings available means I can try before something else equally as shiny catches my eye. Or I get bored of my Mam shaking her head disapprovingly.

Here’s an example of one too: http://www.shopdixi.com/products/ivor-mini-septum-ring-phase-2

W : pierrelecat.blogspot.co.uk

T: @_pierrelecat

Olivia Pinnock – Fashion Journalist

I would have to say it was the Sankuanz show at London Collections: Men. It’s rare that a designer you’ve never heard of before sticks in your memory 6 months after the show! The collection was inspired by Russian prison tattoos and half-way through the show the models came out with these GINORMOUS monster hands. It was creative, witty, totally-out there and there wasn’t a single person in the room who didn’t grab for their phone to take pictures. This was the review I wrote: http://fault-magazine.com/?s=sankuanz

T: @oliviapinnock

Angie – Blogger At Silver Spoons London

‘I’ve never been a lover of lace, but this year I’ve found myself buying it more and more. I love the way designers such as Stella McCartney, Burberry and Marc Jacobs have given the fabric a face lift, so it’s no longer a little old-fashioned and fussy, but it’s now fresh, cool and sexy.’

W: silverspoonlondon.co.uk

T: @silverspoonLDN

Charlotte – Blogger At The Good Owl & Womens Wear Designer

The biggest event for me not sure if it will be a highlight or not is john galliano being put in charge of MMM, it will be interesting to see what direction he takes it, will he hide behind the anonymous aesthetic of Margiela or go completely flamboyant like he did at Dior, I’m hoping he stays true to margelia! I suppose mmm is the ideal brand for him now, given the events that led to his dismissal

W: thegoodowl.co.uk

T: @the_goodowl

Robert Nixon – Blogger & Highly Commended ‘Best Male Style Blogger’ in the Company Style Blogger Awards 2014

My fashion highlight for 2014 has to be seeing the return of the 40 year old Stan Smith style. Although not suited to me, their comeback simultaneously enforced the strength of adidas as a brand and the sports-luxe trend. Revitalising a classic is a bold move and could not have been timed more perfectly by the German giants, considering the ever-growing love for all things retro. 2014 has been the year of adidas.

W: overdressedandunderprepared.co.uk

T: @oanddublog

Vix Meldrew – Blogger

Kim Kardashian: #BreaktheRunway
It’s hard to argue that 2014 hasn’t been a Kardashian/Jenner fashion triumph. With Kendall taking over Paris and Milan fashion weeks and Kylie’s lips being one of the most talked about body parts, aside from Kim’s bodacious bare butt.
But my eyes are always firmly on Mrs West. Any fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians knows that when Kanye entered stage left, he made Kim get rid of her entire wardrobe and start over with a new monochromatic look.
This look has now hit our high streets with Missguided, Topshop and River Island emulating the fashion icon’s famous matching pencil skirt and crop top combo.
Even though Kim herself prefers designers such as Wolford, James Perse, Azzedine Alaia and Helmut Lang – it’s not hard to create this look on a budget. This makes it so accessible to the likes of us!
Why is this such a fashion moment for me? Maybe because Kim has the figure I’d kill to have. I love to see how she wears clothes that flatter her thighs and highlight her hips.
Laura Anderson – Blogger A Forte For Fashion

‘For me the fashion moment of 2014, whether you loved it or hated it, has to be the Chanel SS15 finale. Models with placards emblazoned with phrases such as ‘Women’s Rights are More Than Alright’ and ‘History Is Her Story.’ This brought feminism to the forefront of fashion and of course created an abundance of debate. Karl himself stated that his mother was a feminist and he grew up learning about her values.

Was it right to use the catwalk as a place air his views? Many believe it wasn’t but I couldn’t think of a better brand than Chanel to attempt this. Karl is already known for his showmanship and this was bigger than anything he had every attempted before. My belief is that the more people that talk about feminism the better, it’s just important to make sure that people know the definition and that it doesn’t get lost along the way.  ‘

Here’s to 2015. I wonder what trend she’ll start next?
Lilly – Blogger at The Devil Wears Primark

The Devil Wears Primark – My fashion highlights of the year 2014

First things first, I’m the realest thanks to my pal Haus of Fashion Worked for letting me spew some word vomit on his blaawg!

Hope you enjoy my garment highlights of 2014…

I’ve always looked like a bit of a goth/mime artist but with a penchant for the absolutely OTT kind of accessory. Black dress, black tights, black Doctor Martens all teamed with the loudest, shiniest jewellery, nails or bag you ever clapped your eyes on.

That’s pretty much my style in a nutshell.

So, when the Moschino X Jeremy Scott X Barbie collaboration debuted at London Fashion Week back in September, my cold heart did a little flip. Yes, I did buy the phone case and yes, I definitely feel like Malibu Barbie despite looking like Wednesday Addams when I use it.

In my [always right] opinion, Jeremy Scott is a ruddy genius – his use of colours and texts always excite me, we knew he would bring us something special for Moschino SS15 as he did such a great job last year for the SS14 – I mean those burger prints and the French fry phone cases were all kinds of brilliant.

That’s my more towards the high-end of fashion highlight, for something a bit more purse-friendly, it was definitely the whole “mod” style coming back in.

The highstreet twist on the classic, tailored style has been everywhere since autumn and it looks like it isn’t going anywhere just yet.

The mod style was big in the 1960s and it isn’t just about sitting in the bath with your skinnies on to make them shrink more nor is it just about wearing parkas – it’s about the tailoring too!  Team the simplest of items such as pristine white shirts, fitted skirts, cigarette pants turned up neatly at the hem and of course, the odd Fred Perry polo and some mannish loafers or brogures wouldn’t go a miss either!

It’s a very minimalist way of dressing too – which I am a huge fan of – plus pretty much everything is monochrome WINNER!

W: DvlWrsPrmrk.blogspot.co.uk

T: @DvlWrsPrmrk

Tash Blogger at As Told By Tash Pants

My fashion highlight of 2014 had to be when one of my long time fashion icons Nicole Richie dazzled in a grey velvet backless dress by Donna Karan complete with House of Harlow 1960 jewellery and purple hair. This was particularly a highlight for me because after Nicole attended the 2013 MET Gala in a customised white Topshop gown with grey hair, I thought there was surely no way she could top that outfit in a million years but she did with this year’s ensemble and reaffirmed why I love her so much and why she’ll forever be one of my fashion icons.

She has a very unique way of making regal look super modern but also super glamorous at the same time and she oozes absolute confidence no matter what she’s wearing. I mean you have to be pretty freaking awesome to rock purple hair to a red carpet event and still make the best dressed list right?


W: tashpantz.blogspot.co.uk

T: @toldbytashpantz

Beth – Blogger at Beauty In Beta

‘This strapless haute couture gown designed by Elie Saab, that Lily Collins wore to the premiere of her ‘Love Rosie’ film is my top pick of 2014. I’m in love with the strapless corset-style bodice, paired with the floating chiffon floor-length skirt, in ombré tones of lilac, royal purple and mauve.’

beaW: beautyinbeta.co.uk

T: @BeautyInBeta

As for me, well my highlights are all on the blog, but the awards was a great day, it was fabulous to see people come out and support the day. Looking forward to the 2015 Awards Picnic


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