Some Things are more important


Yesterday saw another attack on those who have spoken out or used their free speech.

Extremists of all types share one thing in common, whether Nazi, religious or just despotic they fear a free press.

They fear freedom of word and thought.

We can draw a line directly from the school massacre in Peshawar to the Killings in Paris. To silence through fear.

The answer is to hunt the killers AND the shadowy cowards who turn our youth to murder and violence, but it is also to not be cowed, to share our love for each other, to embrace democracy & free speech.

Free speech is difficult, it allows others to say things that may you offence, it allows you to say things that may offend others.

You have the right to disagree, you have the right to not listen, you do not have the right to enter classrooms or boardrooms and murder those you disagree.

It’s often said that freedom isn’t free, but let’s make sure we value those that pay the cost. Let’s remember to love each other & celebrate difference, let us learn tolerance and respect of each other’s beliefs.

But most of all on this another day of mourning in the world . . .



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