Q & Eats With Kelly & Maddy


On to edition four of Q & Eats and I combined it with a day out in Greenwich with Kelly from FlatEleven Blog (I will ask her where the name comes fro one day), and one of my besties Maddy. We did a couple of Markets, giggled at the name Mud Chute, and as if that wasn’t great enough I found The Clash Live 1977 on vinyl for £4. Yes The Clash are the greatest band ever, and Strummer the greatest poet since Shakespeare.


Anyway I digress, we are here to discuss the food, well it is fair to say we had differing opinions, and rather than steal Kelly’s thunder, you can read her food review in her lifestyle post here. We went to GBK as it had tables and was close by, I wish I’d walked further on to be honest. My veggie burger was poorly made and fell to bits, wasn’t particularly hot and if I hadn’t been so hungry after missing breakfast would have been set back.

Also a pet peeve of mine happened, staff clearing a table while you are still eating. It is somewhat rude I think to start removing plates early unless they are in the way. I know it is London, and I know turnaround on tables is needed, but it wasn’t even busy. I’d also point out that the glasses & water bottle were past their best, I like authentic, I do not like worn out and dirty looking.


There is a GBK near where I live and the experience there is vastly different, but the Greenwich one is a place I wouldn’t return to.

That said we had a great day out, Greenwich is a lovely place, and my adventure chums are some of the most fun around.

Maddy said . . .

Soft, juicy, almost everything you’d want from a burger but it just feels to clean. If you want to eat something decent – a little bit juicy, a little bit sweet, a little bit tangy – then it’s a great pit stop. But if you a real burger with meat that tastes like it deserves to, then you won’t find it here. Super thin fries are fun and crunchy but insubstantial. Nutella milkshakes are heaven. Don’t go there for something special, but if you’re nowhere near Meat Market and can’t be bothered with Byrons, it’s a useful pit stop.

So anyway, on with the questions, our first double edition and what Maddy & Kelly had to say . . .

Fave Designer 

M – Elie Saab

K – Rag & Bone

Neoprene, Neo Right, or Neo Wrong 

M- Wrong

K – What is it? (Kelly used to live in the US, where this god awful trend was avoided)

Heels or Flats 

M – Flats

K – Boots

Dress to impress or casual 

M – Casual

K – Casual

Print Or Plain

M – Print

K – Plain

Best Thing you bought

M – Uniqlo Jeans

K – My Steve Madden Boots

Can a t-shirt save the world

M – Yes

K – Yes

One idea to change the world

M – Everyone needs a sense of humour

K – Don’t spend money you don’t have

Saying you live by

M – Don’t leave today’s job for tomorrow

K – We all make our own choices

Best Super Hero

M- Dr Who

Questions Just For Kelly

Top tip for bloggers

K – Be yourself, but spellcheck

What are the current trends

K – Plaid

One item you would love to have in your new home

K – Wine fridge or a fancy coffee machine

Which bit of American life do you wish you had here

K – Tim Horton Coffee

Which bit of UK life do you wish you had in the US

K – The fashion

Is US Vogue the best

K – I don’t know, (To be fair Kelly hadn’t read many UK magazines yet due to only moving a month before)

Where serves the best coffee

K – I do, or Waitrose, and its free

Questions Just For Maddy

Best Turkish Food

M – Anything Grandma makes, Iskender, Cop Sis etc

You are involved with music, is a kazoo worth playing

M – Always

Best Dr Who

M – Matt Smith or Tom Baker (this is supposed to be quick fire, Maddy listed every Dr at least twice)

You are from the South West, which is the better career option, Pirate or Farmer

M – Pirate

Did Han shoot first?

M – Yes

Are older Turkish women the most fantastically glam women who ever lived, and do you plan to be one?

M – Yes

If you had to grant me one wish what would it be

M – Gisele (OK this obsession might be getting out of hand if everyone knows about it)

Back To Questions For Both

Mayo or Ketchup

M – Ketchup

K – Ketchup

Song that always gets you dancing

M – Home, Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zero

K – Anything by Queen

Should scrappy doo be tasered

M – No

K – No

Best breakfast

M – Full Turkish Breakfast, Grandmas Marmalade, Pancakes, (and I presume after all of that a couple of Rennies)

K – Pot of coffee & Greek Yoghurt

Fave muppet

M – Animal

K – Miss Piggy

Who would be your celeb parents

M – Cate Blachett & Joss Weedon

K – Michael Caine & Victoria Beckham

Fave poem

M – On The Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan

K – Youer Than You by Dr Seuss (After I recited it as an example, in such moments I’m glad to share)

Mayor for a day what do you do

M – Pedestrianise Central London

K – Make it illegal to stp in the middle of the street

What book should FW followers read

M – Down & Out In Paris & London by George Orwell (an argument ensued at this point over Orwell v Isherwood)

K – The Book Thief

One piece of advice for the reader

M – Read lots and widely

K – Do one positive thing every day


Those poems are . . .

On The Ning Nang Nong

On the Ning Nang Nong
Where the Cows go Bong!
and the monkeys all say BOO!
There’s a Nong Nang Ning
Where the trees go Ping!
And the tea pots jibber jabber joo.
On the Nong Ning Nang
All the mice go Clang
And you just can’t catch ’em when they do!
So its Ning Nang Nong
Cows go Bong!
Nong Nang Ning
Trees go ping
Nong Ning Nang
The mice go Clang
What a noisy place to belong
is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!!

Youer Than You By Dr Seuss

Today You are You, that is truer than true, There is no one alive who is youer than you.

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Since starting writing on my 31st birthday in 2011 I have held a number of positions at magazines and websites as well as regularly producing articles for numerous publications alongside contributing to TV & radio shows as a freelance fashion journalist including Hoxton Radio & Fashion One TV. Alongside writing, I have worked in other industries helping to design & grow digital platforms, develop businesses and support operations practices. This experience has proved invaluable in building an understanding of how businesses work, and the landscape in which retail, B2B commerce and other commercial operations develop. Knowledge of commercial interests has helped shape my fashion industry insights beyond critiquing of garments

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