Best Independent Brands – Kelly Shaw


Every so often you come across someone so fantastic it makes you stop in your tracks, and thanks to my fave fashion journo Olivia Pinnock that happened the other day. The label was Kelly Shaw.

Now we here are known for our love of very classic style, a life i tweed is the dream of any who pass through the doors of FW Towers so when we feature a designer that is modern and forward you know they must be very special. Kelly Shaw is special. On a personal note I have fallen in love with the modern, chic, and beautiful garments.


This is another example of a designer that is the reason FW as a site maintains the focus on the independent and smaller labels and retailers out there.


Go and look at the site and see why for yourself. Make sure you have a good nosey through the look books and see the stunningly crafted garments, each a statement piece that stands out on its own, you will not be disappointed.


If only Kelly did menswear . . .


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