FW Reviews – 12 Months Of Gisele

Here at FW Towers there have been four women we adore above all others, Madonna, Anna Wintour, Victoria Beckham, and the last great Super Model.

Last Great Super Model, yes, the one that will become the first billion dollar cat walk queen, regent of the runway, owner of the photoshoot. Yes that is Gisele. It seems a perfect time to do a feature on the hottest of fashion stars, and have a look back at some of her best looks. Here are some of the picks from the year that Gisele owned.

Gisele 1 Gisele 2 Gisele 3 Gisele 4 Gisele 5 gisele 6 Celebrity Sightings In Boston - June 21, 2014 gisele 8 gisele 9 Gisele 10 gisele 11 gisele 12


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