Our roving reporter on all things Greek is back, Kay has brought you the best of Athens Fashion Week in her latest despatch for us, check out the post, and then make sure you go over and check out her site. We love Kays Secrets and we think you will.

It’s been so long since I posted for FashionWorked and I missed you guys! But I’ve been waiting for a special event to spend with you and I believe me, you do want to check this one!
So last week I attended the event I’ve been waiting for the last 3 months : Athens Xclusive Designers Week. In other words, Greek Fashion Week! I know it’s not like Milan’s fashion week or New York’s, but it is equally interesting and way closer to home! 🙂
Seriously, it is one of the events I’m always eager to attend and I enjoy every second I spend there. This year especially I was very pleased to have my press pass and enjoy few shows front row!
Although I can’t share with you all the pics I took from these four extremely fashion oriented days (more than 430 pics!) I can give you a little taste and of course some of the new talents that participated at the “New designers Awards” event that took place during day 3! That’s why I decided this year not to share with you pics from all the already well known designers, at least not in this posts. I would like to give this space to all the new greek designers, or those who are not yet well known, that caught my eye!
Press pass..

Mal-le by A.Maleviti


Fotini Baka


Gaffer & FLuf

image8 image9 image10



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  1. Love the clothes from Fotini Baka ❤ Gisforgingers xx

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