Same-Sex Marriage, Its About Love Over Hate

While we might be attending the early same-sex weddings since the law changed here, many people in this world are being told they can’t have  freedom that others can, they are being told that a celebration of their love is wrong, that they can’t make the same commitment as others.

Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan and Kentucky saw the clock turned back and the ban upheld on same-sex marriage, this is just the tip of the iceberg, most US citizens are now allowed the same right as straight people, at the time of writing 32 states have passed a law on this, and with any luck finally the Supreme Court will step in and make the remaining states move forward.

But for so many this is just a pipe dream, a hope for future generations that they will never know. But why, there is no logical argument against this prejudice, and discrimination.

It’s really very simple, it you don’t want a gay wedding, don’t have one, and don’t attend one, that is freedom of choice, denying millions equality to protect your freedom of choice is not equality. The actions of someone you may never meet in putting their relationship on a legal footing and having the same right as you has nothing to do with you, why do you care, you care because you want to protect a bankrupt status quo.

It won’t undermine the sanctity of marriage, straight people already did that, and beat the LGBT community to it. That is why a 3 time divorced person can stand up and say “gay people don’t understand the institution of marriage”.

Is it protecting the institution of marriage to have drive-thru ceremonies, to have 24 hr wedding chapels to get hitched drunk in Vegas, is it protecting an institution undermined by TV shows where the winners get to Marry someone, or sell the rights to it to a magazine. Is it right to say no to some while standing by and allowing brides to be bought and sold, to allow women to be traded like commodities.

Until you end divorce, forced arranged marriage, and The Batchelor you have no right to tell people they are wrong to want equality.

I point to some very close friends, they waited 20 years, just in case you missed that, 20 YEARS, to be allowed to marry, it’s the longest, strongest relationship of all my friends, they are gay, so you say it is meaningless. They only meaningless thing are these back dated repressive viewpoints.

We as a world will get there, we will break down every barricade, so why stand on the tracks when a train is coming through.

And anyway, there is always cake at a wedding, that should be reason enough to have more of them.

About Ross Pollard

Since starting writing on my 31st birthday in 2011 I have held a number of positions at magazines and websites as well as regularly producing articles for numerous publications alongside contributing to TV & radio shows as a freelance fashion journalist including Hoxton Radio & Fashion One TV. Alongside writing, I have worked in other industries helping to design & grow digital platforms, develop businesses and support operations practices. This experience has proved invaluable in building an understanding of how businesses work, and the landscape in which retail, B2B commerce and other commercial operations develop. Knowledge of commercial interests has helped shape my fashion industry insights beyond critiquing of garments

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