Catching Up – Forage & Find

Its been a couple of months since we declared Forage & Find our winner of Best Indie Label in our awards. Heres what we said at the time . . .

“There was one label that both I as the judge and the two people who I asked for second opinions could not look past. Forage and Find define what this award wants to be about, stunning products, stunning prices, and a true indy ethos, run by a mother and daughter team it fits perfectly well.

The inspiration of making the old into something new is fantastic, and the way it is crafted is beautiful. We are yet to hear a bad review, and the feedback we got when we announced the shortlist proved we had chosen well.”

Well every time we have mentioned them since we have been overwhelmed by the feedback so we thought why not look at the current products, the prices are still amazing, starting at £6 currently for a bespoke item is value upon value, the products are amazing, so we picked 8 of our faves to show case below. It’s not a you should visit, it is a you MUST visit for everyone.









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  1. Amy

    Wow, them rings in the first picture are so interesting and unique. Really love them!


  2. I’ve been a big fan of Forage & Find for a while now but not actually bought anything… oops! Gisforgingers xx

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