Best Independent Brands – Roo’s Beach

Every now and then we find a label and before we get to cover them they go boom, and get in the big glossys, well that has happened again, you may have recalled we have been talking about Roo’s Beach for a long time, and we love the fun label they are and the things they make. Turns out so do some big names at the newsagent, with amazing clothes, great accessories and THE greatest radios I’ve ever seen (hint hint, my birthday is this week for anyone feeling kind) it is easy to see why.

Roo’s understand that fashion can be fun, there is a sense of playful in what they do, and have pieces that look as great on your average day as they do on holiday. It is also great to see a label thriving outside of London, but as ever don’t believe us, we want you to go and look for yourself. We have looked at the clothes before, but they do so much more, and its all great.


But remember, we told you about them first ;-p

Roos 1

roos 2

roos 3

roos 4

roos 5

roos 6

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