Best Independent Brands – Darccy

Sometimes we find labels through magazines, or through friends, or sometimes you our dear readers message us and tell us off because we have yet to feature one. Well a couple of you have told us that we need to feature Darccy.

We love the way they take vintage ideas and mix them in a modern yet true to their roots way. Its something we love to the bottom of the collective heart here at FW Towers. Also lace, yes we are known to love lace and it runs through a lot of the collection. Of course for us there is one stand out piece in the collection, the printed mac, it is EXCEPTIONAL. the sort of style icon reworked I wish was available for men.

We must also give a mention to the accessories, we haven’t covered them here but they are well worth a look, and yes go have a look.

darrcy 8 darrcy 7 darrcy 6 darrcy 5 darrcy 4 darrcy 3 darrcy 2 darrcy 1


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  1. Oooh I really like the pale pink dress – if only there was somewhere to wear it too! ❤ Gisforgingers xx

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