The Dating Game


Lately we keep hearing friends telling stories about the adventures they are having out there in net dating land. We asked them if we could share a few, promised that we would leave names out and identifying details and make up a list of Do’s & Don’ts from it. . .

Things To Do

Tell the truth, your prospective date will find out in 0 seconds if you’re not the buff 6ft gym fanatic you said you were or that your a Kardashian unless you plan on always dating in a pitch black room with no touching you get found out pretty darn quick.

Be polite and genuine, only an arsehole wants to live the life of seeing how many people they can pull, don’t string someone along to get a date just to say you did.

If someone doesn’t reply in 3 seconds its ok, no need to abuse them, they may be busy, or even though its hard to believe, they may not be attracted to you.

Think about your profile pic, it will attract certain types of people, if your rock climbing you get outdoorsy people, if your wasted in a pub toilet doing coke, you get Shaun Ryder

Do talk about who you are and what you like, do you really want to pretend you like Proust and spend the rest of your life doing that because you don’t want to be called out on a lie.

Things To Don’t

Expecting your date to pay, a friend told me about the guy three dates in a row who “forgot his wallet”. Dates are not a free dinner machine. Also if you’re using that excuse don’t let your date see you at the cash machine when she gets on the bus after the date.

More for the boys this one, don’t snapchat, email, facetime, tweet, DM, private message or any other form of sending a picture of your little soldier. They don’t wanna see it, and if they did, they would ask. This rule does not apply on Grindr.

check who your replying to, a male friend told me about the epic night out a girl had said she had with him, and that there was another loser she had been on a date with recently that she really slated. However, she had accidentally sent it to the other guy, he enjoyed reading his failings as a date.

Don’t pretend you want a long term thing with someone when you just wanna get laid. It’s ok to just want to sleep with someone, consenting adults are allowed to do that, just don’t con someone to get there.

Lie about your likes and hobbies, it may sound cool to say your did the cresta run but when it turns out the closest you have got to France is the Pret A Manger in Dalston you look silly

oh and finally, don’t listen to anything I say, this pony isn’t ready to be saddled



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