The FW Awards 2014 – The Winners

So this Saturday we got together for our annual awards, who won and why you ask, well read on below . . .


Best Independent Designer – Forage & Find

This is the most exciting award for me, and this year the shortlist was so amazingly strong. However there was one label that both I as the judge and the two people who I asked for second opinions could not look past. Forage and Find define what this award wants to be about, stunning products, stunning prices, and a true indy ethos, run by a mother and daughter team it fits perfectly well.

The inspiration of making the old into something new is fantastic, and the way it is crafted is beautiful. We are yet to hear a bad review, and the feedback we got when we announced the shortlist proved we had chosen well.


Best Designer – Victoria Beckham

La Beckham, well I could fill pages here about why she is amazing but I’ll stay on topic. Queen of the runway all yer, smart, chic, elegant, these were collections that the modern woman can dress confidently and proudly in. Mrs B has smashed out of the popstar mould and this year proved why there is increasingly a generation who only know her as a designer.


Best High Street Store – Charity Shops

Charity Shops . . . they aren’t High Street? Yes they are, there are thousands of charity shops up and down the country and some charity groups branches stretch into the hundreds.

So why did they win, it’s simple, in this age of austerity the fashion world isn’t open to all, yet charity shops are, from cheap as chips through to high end, if you look around you’ll find a shop for the budget or type of item you want. There is no greater thrill than finding a unique item and completing that specific look AND you get to help other people whilst getting your retail fix.

Charity shops provide some amazing options at affordable prices, isn’t that what defines a great High Street store?


Worst High Street Store –  Topshop

Ok here we head into the first of two awards choices that will divide readers.for the third year running Topshop take the least wanted title.

Its love or hate, but reasons given again this year were morals and collections. We occasionally discuss the issues surrounding the way Arcadia do business but more than ever in this years votes the theme that they are not special or leaders in the market anymore came through.One comment was that wheeling out celebs to prop up a collection wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Sizes were an issue, and the feeling coming in from the overwhelming vote for them in the field said that they need to stop resting on their laurels and look at how to move forward.

Like I said, it’s a choice that will split readers, you either seem them as the Queen of the High Street, or the dark place on the High Street. It’s a debate we’re sure will rumble on year after year the way things are


Best Trend – Bright Colours In Winter

Nice and simple this one, muted colours are boring, bright colours are fun and cheer up those winter days, we loved being bold against the grey skies of the British winter.


Worst Trend – Jelly Shoes

Yeah we told you there were two controversial awards choices, this is the second. Again it’s a love or hate. Fashion is about passion and Jelly Shoes seem to inspire passion in both positive and negative. For us they are a nostalgic trip too far and we hated them first time round. But we know, and it was a point made at the Awards Ceremony many people love them.

But isn’t this why we all love fashion, we all feel something different and we fill miles of blog pages and magazines with our debates on things just like this.


Style Icon Of The Year – Cate Blanchett

I’m not going to explain this much, 15 years of looking amazing, hardly a miss amongst a zillion hits. You may recall we called her the Queen of the Red Carpet a while back so have a read of why we adore, worship, and fall at her stylish feet in joy here.


Best Awards Outfit – Lupita Nyong’o SAG Awards

Lupita FW Awards

Lupita owned everywhere she turned up this year, she owned bright colours, she owned applique, and she owned this dress. The judges felt there were many dresses she could have won with but this look had the most votes.


Well apart from the Met Ball when her Mum owned New York, but that was after the voting closed.


Worst Awards Outfit – Lady Gaga Golden Globes After Party

lady gaga fw awards

no explanation, its clear from the picture its ****ing vile


Blog Of The Year – A Lady In London

Our shortlist was so strong we had huge difficulty in picking a single winner, all of them deserve credit. However there was one blog that edged it, and it was A Lady In London, if you want to travel this is a site you have to visit. The first hand reviews give you a real taste of a location, and there is so much more, reviews of days out, events, webinars, come for the travel, stay for the huge amount of ever growing content.

Guest Blogger Of The Year – Vicky Frankland

Each year I give an award to the person who has done the best guest post on the site, its a no contest this year. Life is strange and it throws together people who touch not just your life but your very soul. Vicky has done just that. Her series The Plus Perspective is brilliant, it always inspires thoughts, laughter and much more.

Vicky Thank You for all you do for the blog, and for simply being an amazing person away from it.


Friend Of The Blog – RougeNoir PR

Also each year there is an award for the person outside the blog who has done so much to support it. I owe so much to RougeNoir PR for a few things, allowing me access to Pritch who you all know I adore, being just an awesome set of people with a leader who is one of those setting a benchmark in standards and still being a fabulous person, and most of all for telling me to read #GIRLBOSS which is a book that is changing my life.


About Ross Pollard

Since starting writing on my 31st birthday in 2011 I have held a number of positions at magazines and websites as well as regularly producing articles for numerous publications alongside contributing to TV & radio shows as a freelance fashion journalist including Hoxton Radio & Fashion One TV. Alongside writing, I have worked in other industries helping to design & grow digital platforms, develop businesses and support operations practices. This experience has proved invaluable in building an understanding of how businesses work, and the landscape in which retail, B2B commerce and other commercial operations develop. Knowledge of commercial interests has helped shape my fashion industry insights beyond critiquing of garments


  1. aladyinlondon

    Thank you so much! I feel so honored to have received the award!

  2. Congratulations, Julie! Fingers crossed for next year for SilverSpoon!

  3. I’ve loved Forage & Find since I found them (and wrote a blog post) earlier this year. I will keep loving jelly shoes too 😛 Gisforgingers xx

  4. Thank you very very much. Was so touched with your kind words. Vicky xx

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