Postcard Of A Painting – June Edition



Its 25 years since a little band in Seattle influenced by the punks that had gone before released a little album and changed the world for millions of people. They made just 3 albums and would end in the most tragic manner. They would leave a legacy that would be not just reflected in music, but in art and in fashion. They created a movement that unintentionally became a rallying call and a voice for a generation.

It is 25 years today since Nirvana released Bleach.

Music can be art, I don’t need to explain this I’m sure, but just in case, music can also be emotion written down, all art involves passion, most art has a connection to emotion.

kurt 2

In the same way we have art movements we must recognise music movements, grunge was a mirror to the world around it, reactionary to the troubles of the time, in tune with the alternative thoughts away from Main Street, it was home made and pure in a way that the more commercial music can’t be. I love pop, I mean wholeheartedly love pop but it often is about just a great tune lacking in deeper meaning.

kurt 1

But today I wanted to pay a simple tribute to a band that had so much effect on me, seemed to be singing about the things in my world. I was just entering my teens when they ended. I recall the horror of hearing about the Death of Kurt Cobain, but his and the rest of the bands legacy lives on.




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