The FW Awards 2014


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So its just round the corner, the nominations are released tomorrow ahead of our glittering gala night where the winners are named. (No this is never an afternoon in at pub at a famous London train station) Across the globe from Anna Wintour clicking refresh every 5 seconds to Milan where Donatella is getting a range of dresses ready for the night excitement is mounting.

One thing that always strikes me about doing the awards, and being the only person prior to the long list being published is that thought I always have about fashion . . . .

“ask 7 people for their opinions on fashion and you will get 8 opinions.”

I’d like to thank all the panel for the selections and the range of choice that will go into the final selections of winners, the additional explanations and thoughts that I just don’t have the space to publish, though next year I will be turning each judges selections and explanations into individual posts for the nominations week so you can all see why they chose what they did.

The panel as ever has been made up of a mix of industry people, bloggers and voices from the street rather than a single group, and there have been a few changes in which awards we have. It’s not a perfect process and I’d love to hear from you all what awards fields you think we should add or take away for next year, and whether in the future you would like the final selection to be down to reader votes on some of the awards?

Anyway, keep an eye out for our list tomorrow, and let the debate start.


See our list of previous winners here,



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